Trail Info and Links

There is a lot of information online regarding Washington’s rail trails and gravel routes. Here, I will try and link a lot of it together, and give route information / trail conditions so you know what to expect.

These sections will be updated over time.

In the meantime, here are some links to other people’s perspectives and their journeys on the trail….

Friends of The Palouse To Cascades Trail : a Facebook group founded and administered by former board members of the Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition. Collectively, they have a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the trail, its current conditions, and its future.

FernwehNW : Shawn Pederson’s blog about his trip across the state back in 2015. He has a tremendous amount of information about the trail, including maps, photos, and links.

Feelsonwheels : The linked post is a trip to the tunnel and back, however, Roxanne’s site is full of great info for aspiring gravel riders and bike tourers of all kinds, and is a very welcome and inclusive voice in a sea of bike-blogger-bros (myself included). I highly recommend you check her entire site out and support her by purchasing a copy of her book.

Trail Chick : Chris’ trip through the seldom traversed Yakima Training Center, between Kittitas and the Columbia.

Tandem Trekking : A fresh perspective of the trail (with excellent photos) from a beginning bikepacker, but seasoned hiker and adventurer.

RBVN : Randy Pulk’s blog. He rode with Shawn in 2015. Lots of great photos.

26inchslicks : Pat Sprute’s blog about his trip across the state in 2012. Pat was one of the first sources I ever found that included the entire trail.

Get Graveling : Mark Lyons and several friends traveled from Everett to Spokane in the summer of 2021, riding a large part of the Palouse To cascades Trail.

Organizations, advocacy, and resources.

Palouse to Cascades Trail Coalition

Stay up to date on trail conditions and improvements. Your membership and donations help keep the trail improving.

Mountains to Sound Greenway

This organization does a ton of great work advocating for trails, and creating new ones.

Palouse to Cascades Trail maps

A comprehensive resource for maps, detours, and planning put together by Marilyn Hedges, a former chairperson of the PTCT Coalition.


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