Fill Your Fork! (with the Wolf Tooth Double Bottle Adapter)

“Why don’t I have Anything mounts?!”

-Me. 2017

Look, I’ll just be up front: there is a veritable ton of bikepacking and gravel specific gear and accessories out there, and for every piece of gear in existence, there are probably hundreds of reviews online. The purpose of this particular post isn’t to add to the noise, I just want to bring attention to a really rad way to carry stuff by marrying two different things together.

The basis for this post is that not all of us are lucky enough to have the triple anything mounts on our forks. Some of us are stuck with regular old double bosses on our fork blades, giving us space for one lowly water bottle cage on each side.

So, how do you make the most of your space and carry all of the things that you want without resorting to using an entire roll of electrical tape and a bunch of zip ties?

The Wolf Tooth Double Bottle Adapter

This is an absolutely ingenious product that makes use of Wolf Tooth’s extremely versatile B-Rad system. On it’s own, It’s just two small pieces of machined metal that bolt to a B-Rad base, allowing you to turn a single bottle mount on your bike into two.

If you choose, you can mix and match many of the other accessories from this system and mount stuff all over your bike, and that’s cool, but I’m more interested in making the most of the real estate on my fork blades.

The double bottle adapter will offset two cages, side by side, where there was only room for one.

The Blackburn Outpost Cage

This is basically the anything cage for folks who don’t have the mounts for an anything cage. The Outpost Cage mounts using standard two bolt bottle bosses. It even comes with its own compression straps that have an anti-slip coating on the inside. It’s large enough to carry a Nalgene bottle, sleeping pad, small tent, or anything else you can stuff and compress to fit into it.

The Outpost Cage comes with very nice straps and is large enough to hold all kinds of things.

Put them together

Marrying these two things together will drastically increase the carrying capacity of your bike, allowing you to carry gear on your fork without sacrificing that precious drinking water. This is especially handy if you’re running a full sized frame pack in your triangle.

Heading to Eastern Washington for a route where the temperatures are high, and the water is sparse.

I like this system because it’s fully customizable to your needs. Different routes and different climates call for different gear, and this setup allows you to pick and choose. Stability is also a key factor here. With everything bolted up tight, you don’t have to worry about stuff vibrating loose, and there are no zip ties or tape to mar your paint.

Now you just need to put all of this together.
Here are the mounting points on my fork (the first time I set this all up I used my own bolts instead of the short ones that Wolf Tooth supplies, and you can see the two marks I made on my fork. I make mistakes so you don’t have to).
The Wolf Tooth Double Bottle Adapter mounts to the B-Rad Base. One of the big advantages to this system is that it allows you to choose a lower mounting point, making for a more stable ride.
The Blackburn Outpost Cage mounted alongside a water bottle cage.
Now you can carry all kinds of things on your fork!

Stay hydrated!

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